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Cate Cody Quintet

Wednesday 29th June 2016IMG_3406

Cate Cody – vocals
Trevor Whiting – reeds
Dave Newton – piano
John Day – bass
Charlie Stratford – drums

We enjoyed an evening in the presence of the Cate Cody Quintet and experienced their very fine musicianship with vocals and instruments. Cate with her sophisticated unique style is a vocalist of the highest standard and she presents unusual material from the twenties and thirties. Cate really understands the songs that she sings and she draws you in with what she says and performs.

Dave Newton showed us why he is a winner so often of the British Jazz Awards – there can be none finer for sure. John Day’s rhythmic double bass playing and Charlie Stratford’s fine drumming made an excellent rhythm section. On the front line with Cate was the exceptional reed player Trevor Whiting.

We were fortunate to be able to listen to this group of quality musicians who all enjoy what they do and we are pleased that there is the opportunity to listen to them again at this year’s jazz festival.

If you can’t wait until then Cate has a new CD available for purchase – have a look at her website for details on this and her forthcoming gigs.

Thank you Cate and all for a great evening’s music.

Jeff & Anne Barnhart with Tom ‘Spats’ Langham and Graham Smith “Hot & Sweet”

Wednesday 25th May 2016IMG_3408

An evening with a difference – whenever Jeff and Spats are together you can be assured that there will be fun and it will be an education. This is exactly what happened. We were treated to a highly musical session with much detail on composers, humour and the jazz history of the tunes that were played – it was the ultimate evenings entertainment to a packed house.

The addition of Anne on her golden flute and Graham on his drums added another dimension to the already great recipe.IMG_3409

The evening flew by and before we knew it was time to finish and it must be a rare occurrence when both the musicians and the audience want it to go on for longer. The audience was in full flight singing along and swaying (not always in the same direction but who cares) and it all created such a great atmosphere.

Highlight amongst all highlights for me was Anne’s playing of Blue Autumn – a most beautiful tune so beautifully played.

You will have the chance to see all the musicians at this year’s jazz festival 19/20/21st August 2016.

Kevin Grenfell’s International Jazz Giants

Wednesday 27th April 2016

Kevin Grenfells Int Band.smallKevin Grenfell – trombone, trumpet & vocals
Paul Harrison – reeds
Phil Nice – keyboard
Jim Swinnerton – double bass
Graham Smith – drums

Kevin put together this group of musicians for the purpose of a ten day tour around jazz clubs in all corners of the UK – they certainly covered some mileage and that was just the three members who reside in the UK !! Paul Harrison and Phil Nice are both Brits who now live in Denmark (where they are very busy and popular on the jazz scene there) had obviously covered more miles before they started !!

We were pleased to be able to engage the band as part of their tour and had the privilege of listening to some great music all played with gusto and enthusiasm. As always there is never a dull moment with Kevin on stage and he was on form for the session with his wit and stories (believe all at your will)

Kevin and PaulBogalusa Strut and Mr Sandman began the first set followed by Creole Jazz or as Paul says Queer Old Jazz (I like that better). With Kevin on trumpet we listened to a tune not heard before and was discovered on an old cassette by Paul – it was called Sleeping Tiger and a lovely tune too. Sweet Georgia Brown had a vocal from Phil and four bar breaks with bass and drums followed by Fidgety Feet and a fabulous bass solo from Jim and Kevin picking up the tambourine. A feature from Phil was the theme tune used on Film Night with Barry Norman and a tune sung by Nina Simone called I Wish I Knew How it Feels to be Free – great tune with keyboard, bass and drums trio. Kevin sang Fats Waller number It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie bringing us nicely to the end of the first set. Tak or thank you as Paul says !!

The second set was equally as good as the first with more energetic tunes played such as Cabaret, Struttin with Some BBQ which was a feature for Paul, Some Day You’ll be Sorry which Kevin dedicated to a lady at the front and adapting the words accordingly (caution – never speak or move when Kevin’s on stage), a solo feature from Phil which was Roll Around Heaven All Day and followed by Perdido Street Stomp – this became Rock Around the Clock I’m sure! Sweet Sue next and Jim’s bass was steaming – what a solo – brilliant and I wish we had recorded it. Up a Lazy River was probably the slowest number of the evening but then the tempo picked up again with a twelve bar blues which turned into Shake Rattle & Roll – it sure did – before the band played their final sign off number of Bye Bye Blackbird.

An entertaining evening for a great audience (some listening to the band for a second time – thank you for supporting the jazz) and everyone went home happy.

That’s what we like. Mange Tak !

Pedigree Jazz Band – A Tribute to Trad Jazz

Wednesday 30th March 2016Pedigree Jazz Band

Chris Walker – clarinet, leader
Graham Trevarton – trumpet
Tony Mann – trombone
John Noddings – banjo/guitar
Ken Ames – bass
Colin Larn – drums

We had the opportunity to invite the Pedigree Jazz Band to make their debut visit to the club as they were en route to their sponsors Marstons Brewery in Burton the following day. We were taken back in time to the era of the great bands of Barber, Bilk and Ball and enjoyed listening to some of the arrangements played by these bands but all given their own personal “Pedigree” touches. It was an informative and nostalgic evening and we reminisced with some of the lesser know tunes too.

The first set tunes were:- Bourbon Street, Livery Stable Blues (complete with animal noises), Do You Know What it Means, It’s Tight Like That with a vocal from John Noddings, Blaze Away with some beautiful harmonies, Lonesome a Monty Sunshine tune played on clarinet, guitar and bass and joined by trombone,
Buona Sera a 1960’s hit tune, William Tell Overture or the theme tune for the Lone Ranger which was a tune played by the Dutch Swing College Band, Tansy a beautiful tune and 1960’s hit for the Alex Welsh Band, Green Leaves of Summer, Bugle Boy March played by Graham – a trumpet intro and bugle solo – excellent and the set finished with Under the Double Eagle.

High Society got the second set off to a rousing start followed by I Love You Samantha, a Terry Lightfoot tune There is a Tavern in the Town which Colin sang, Chimes Blues, Shout ‘Em Aunt Tillie, I’m Shy Mary Ellen, Meet Me on the Back Porch a vocal from Graham using his own words!!, Kenny Ball Jazzmen’s Sukiyaki – a Japanese title with no relevance to the songs lyrics, Autumn Leaves a trombone and rhythm section feature – beautiful, True Love with vocal from Colin, A Night in Moscow, Summerset played by Chris on clarinet and John on guitar followed by Stranger on the Shore – were two tune paying a tribute to Acker with The World is Waiting for the Sunrise a Barber number from 1954 brought the evening to a close.

This entertaining evening was enjoyed by again a high capacity audience.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support our efforts in promoting jazz in Pershore.

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