Festival 2016

Festival 2016 in Review

We thought last year was the best ever and each year we say how can we top that. However Graham has managed to do the impossible and this year he booked the cream of the cream of musicians and bands that can blend well together and give a top class eclectic programme. We upheld our reputation for providing an excellent mix of genres and the common problem for people having difficulty in choosing what to see and when. What a great situation to have!!

The festival has now completed its 15th year and grows year on year. This year we saw many new faces visit, which is encouraging, and many had been recommended which speaks volumes. We will always have a finite attendance because of the location and venues that are available for us to hire but the College provides a unique setting with most things we need on site. Accommodation, although student single rooms, it suits most, the friendly bar with real ale and cider and the refectory facilities are all there for our convenience and the continued improvement works being carried out enhance the ambience for the weekend.

We would like to thank all who visited this year – we hope you enjoyed your weekend and we hope to see you next year. We especially thank the musicians who came to entertain us and also the volunteers who gave their time and without whom we couldn’t operate smoothly. A special mention has to go to Kate and Andy Fletcher and Brian Jones who always go above the call of duty to help us. You are stars and thank you from us all.

Vale Pianos did us proud again with the supply of their excellent pianos, which is so appreciated by the visiting musicians, and they also came along early mornings during the weekend to tune them as well.

Lastly we thank the College and the staff for their assistance beforehand and during the festival. Between us we are able to provide a weekend of musical enjoyment in compact beautiful surroundings, which we hope to continue.

After we have held our postmortem committee meeting we should be in a position to start the planning process for 2017. Graham already has a list of musicians and bands in mind and providing future College changes don’t affect the hiring of the venues it will be all systems go.

Festival Feedback 2016

Our 15th Festival saw 38 sessions of live jazz in four venues attended by record numbers.
Here are just a few of the comments we have received:

“Hello Peter,
Having enjoyed our first PJF this weekend, I am sending this to thank you and your team for putting on such a wonderful festival.
We have had a lovely time and it was good to catch up with some musicians we see at our Pump House Jazz Club.
I have to say the staff on site both the College staff and your volunteers were so helpful to me and my husband. First of all Frank who was marshaling the drop off points etc., was very understanding of my particular difficulties and came up with a solution to help me with no problems and for that I would like to say THANK YOU. There were many volunteer marshals and one couple on the Marquee Saturday and late Sunday were also very helpful. They made a special effort for me with my seating needs in the FPC for the Cate session and then into the DixieMix session. So again thank them for me please.
We found the sound systems were great and it was lovely to be able to hear clearly and enjoy the bands with no real problems.

All in all we were so happy to have been in a lovely setting, in a lovely part of the world that we had not explored before. We are so pleased to have been recommended to come to your festival and we will certainly be hoping to join you all next year all being well. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOU HARD WORK.
Best wishes”
Val and Geoff

“Thanks so much for the efforts of all of you over the
weekend. Lovely as usual. Came home shattered but well worth it. Thanks for a wonderful weekend”.
Peggy Cox.

“Dear Peter, We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to make Festival 2016 such a great success. What an excellent mix of music across so many different genres and all listened to in lovely surroundings.”
Susan and Michael Cush

“Good morning Peter,
I just wanted to thank you and all the committee members for organising this year’s hugely enjoyable Pershore Jazz Festival. Like all well events its smooth running belies all the sheer hard work, planning, organising, dealing with the unexpected and often frustration. Well from an attendee’s perspective all seemed to go very well and we were definitely spoilt for choice with the many excellent bands and individuals playing this year.
Please pass on my sincere thanks to all those involved.
Kind regards” Brian

“Hi Peter. Thought I should tell you that my sister in law thoroughly enjoyed herself on Saturday. She’s always known that I have attended jazz in Upton and Pershore for many years past. Finally she was curious enough to want to attend with me.
She was entranced by the occasion, enjoying people watching I suppose. There’s a special spirit to Pershore, and she lapped it up. As for the jazz itself, she was generally captivated. She was a little troubled that she couldn’t quite define what jazz was but wisely settled finally for not being pre-occupied by the question.
She didn’t return with me on Sunday, but perhaps two days will be more to her taste next year.
For me, today is difficult – feeling rather empty after the Festival. I thought it was excellent this year. Thanks to everyone who contributed in arranging the programme and providing the hospitality, and of course the wonderful
Philip Warren

“Hi Peter,
Thanks to all for yet another great weekend we’re already looking forward to next year.
One observation which may prove helpful……..it used to be the unwritten code of practice for people to wait until a band had finished a number before attempting to take their seats thus respecting the band and the people already seated. There were so many instances of people neglecting to observe good manners that I feel the need to comment.
Perhaps next year Stewards could be briefed to help with this issue and maybe a note in the programme as a ‘reminder’ may help”
Dudley Edgar

“Hi Peter
Just to thank you and all people responsible for the Pershore festival.
Music superb. Hospitality amazing. The sound and balance in all concerts couldn’t be better.
We loved every minute of it. Thank you again”……Nava Pasternak and friends.
“Hello Margaret and Graham, Brian and I had a lovely time at the weekend and we thought how well organised the whole Festival was. We felt safe and happy with a good variety of musicians, bands, etc. The staff were efficient and so helpful – please pass our thanks to everyone. The place is beautiful and an ideal venue. With the approval from our attending members, I managed to book a couple of new bands for the Pump House next year, so no worries about whether I am doing the right or wrong thing!! Thanks again and look forward to your next visit to us, Graham, accompanied by you too, Margaret, if you are allowed!”

“Dear Peter, Just a huge thank you from Andrew and myself to Graham, Maggie, you and everyone involved in this year’s Pershore jazz festival: it was fantastic. We really enjoyed every session we went to every day. All my favourites were there, so I was in heaven! Andrew finds your eclectic mix of jazz great, especially the inclusion of the younger musicians and bands.

Thank you. Looking forward to next year already!”
Jackie and Andrew

“Had a text from our friends from Lincoln who were first- timers at the Festival this year. They loved it and will be back. Doing something right you lot!”
Andy and Kate Fletcher

“It was a real pleasure to be part of the festival and I appreciate being asked. I’ve seen enough behind the scenes of a lot of jazz festivals to know just how much goes into organising them. It felt like a much larger event this year and your approach to putting good music across the board is fantastic- I really do congratulate you”.
Alan Barnes

“Well you nailed it yet again! What a wonderful festival it was with some stunning musicians playing a great variety of jazz – something for everyone. And once again, it all appeared to run like clockwork with ideal scheduling and capacity so we could see a bit of virtually every performance without running ourselves ragged. We were very impressed with the on site accommodation and catering too. For all these reasons, Pershore has to be the best festival around and hence why it goes from strength to strength when others are struggling. Well done. Long may it continue”.
Sarah and Neil Clarke

“Congratulations on another great weekend of music. Saturday’s mix of styles was wonderful. We particularly enjoyed the Moscow Drug Club with a different style and highly talented musicians. Also enjoyed seeing Cate Cody again, she was in good form, especially Dave Newton. Thanks again for all your hard work and we are looking forward to next year already”.
Bob & Yvonne Jacobs

“Dear Graham, Maggie and all of the Pershore Jazz Board and Volunteers,
It occurred to us that we had yet to put into writing how thrilled we were to perform once again at your fantastic festival! Any problems you might have had during the weekend were expertly hidden. The sound was fantastic, the venues extremely comfortable and I have to say, now with Keswick gone, yours is the UK festival at which we perform with the VERY best pianos! Really, everything is top-notch. As we travel around the country, we’ve heard nothing but good things from those punters who were there and nothing but regret from those who have not (yet) attended, but plan to do so next year!! We’ve told them to book early as you expect to be fully sold out even earlier next year! It remains the “Small Festival with a Big Heart” and is a favorite of punters and musicians alike. Keep going and growing and thanks for all you do!
With best regards and appreciation”
Jeff and Anne Barnhart