Festival 2017


How does it happen – how do we keep doing it.

Good quality jazz from musicians and bands selected by Graham Smith creating a great mix of styles of jazz. The location also plays a part in that it is compact, friendly and has all you need for both the festival audience and the musicians as well. It has evolved into being a meeting place for musicians who don’t usually get the opportunity at a festival and the coming together with old and new friends too.

From the comments we have received during the week following the festival it appears that it is being labeled “the best yet” and “the best festival we go to” – feedback is always welcome negative or positive but we have been overwhelmed by this year’s praise and thanks. We must be doing something right – without a great musical programme created by Graham, tickets would not sell and the attendance would not be there to listen to the talented musicians and bands.

We would like to give huge thanks to those musicians who took part and entertained the audience during the weekend. You all did a sterling job despite some of the heaviest rain, which decided to make an appearance. Did it spoil anything – NO! Our mission was accomplished in providing an eclectic programme and introducing some new bands.

Grateful thanks must also go to the volunteer stewards. Without their invaluable help we would not be able to ensure that the venues and audience is safe. Always a difficult job to secure stewards who are willing to stand and carry out their duties just in case of an emergency but without these special persons we would have to engage the services of security personnel and therefore the ticket prices would soar!

On the subject of security we were fortunate to have help from Andy & Kate Fletcher – great supporters of jazz and what we do in Pershore – and they were there all weekend supporting all members of the committee and ensuring that wherever help was needed they were there. Also big thanks to Brian Jones who also was here, there and everywhere before and during the festival giving his help and post festival feedback. We are so appreciative of all that was done.

We take this opportunity to thank the college and its staff for making sure the rooms were ready in time as this year there were students on site until lunchtime – what a rush is an understatement – but they did it and all with their friendly smiles. Jenny Harker you are a star!

So the festival is over and we look to 2018 – after we have examined our finances and recovered our thoughts we will no doubt find the energy to start the planning procedure to organize another great weekend of jazz.

Thank you to everyone that attended – we hope you enjoyed yourselves – had fun – saw the musicians and listened to the music you love – maybe saw some new bands – and will be looking to book again for next year.

Pershore Jazz Committee